Maino Explains Why He Defended Meek Mill Against A New York City Crowd (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Now that it appears the back-and-forth between Meek Mill and Drake has come to an end, the question some people are wondering is how will the apparent loss affect Meek’s career.

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There have been reports club goers began booing the Philadelphia rapper’s music in recent weeks. Brooklyn emcee Maino experienced this reaction from a crowd at The Griffin in New York City, and the K.O.B. 3 mixtape creator felt the need to defend Meek.

“I grabbed the mic, and I said, ‘Hold up. This is New York City. We can’t do that. You’re not gonna make no street n*gga uncool,” Maino told The Breakfast Club. “‘All you street n*ggas in here that are supposedly representing a certain type of lifestyle, you’re not gonna allow somebody to make you feel like what he represents is uncool.’ Meek is the only urban artist on that level that represents the streets. We can’t allow people to make us feel like that’s not cool.”

Maino also addressed ghostwriting in Hip Hop. He suggested performers that employ others to write their lyrics should not be held in the same regard as the greatest artists of the culture. In addition, Maino drew a difference between music acts the public has always known did not write their lyrics, such as Dr. Dre and Puff Daddy, and rap stars that claim to be the best in the game.

“It’s different when you’re basically saying, ‘I’m that dude.’ I may care, but I don’t think the vast general public cares,” stated Maino. “All the people we put up on that pedestal – Pac, Big, Nas, Hov, Kiss – all those dudes are like our rap gods. All of them wrote. So is it safe to say we put a dude up there that may be questionable? I love the music. But is he one of the greats?”

Meek Mill accused Drake of using Atlanta rapper Quentin Miller to write his verse on their collaboration “R.I.C.O.” Miller has denied being Drake’s “ghostwriter,” but a reference track of him allegedly rapping for Drizzy has been leaked online.

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Watch Maino’s interview below.