Malcolm X’s Daughter Malikah Shabazz Found Dead

Malcolm X

Malcolm X’s daughter, Malikah Shabazz, was found dead in her Brooklyn home. She was 56.

Malcolm X’s daughter, Malikah Shabazz, was found dead Monday night in her Brooklyn, according to published reports.

Police reports formally said the 56-year old Shabazz was discovered by her daughter in her home on East 28th Street in BK.

Foul play was not suspected in initial reports.

Malikah Shabazz is one of six children of Malcolm X and Betty Shabazz. Malikah was actually born after her father was assassinated in 1965. Initially, three members of the Nation of Islam were convicted of the murder, but that has changed decades after.

Just two days ago a pair of men were exonerated for the assassination of Malcolm X, a Black revolutionary that was targeted by the government as well as the local NYPD. The exoneration came after a two-year-long “re-investigation.”

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