Man Arrested For Shootout At Circle K – And Then Writing A Rap About It

Crime Scene

The cops found all the evidence they needed against Delanie Jamal Battle-Donson – in the form of a rap song – after a wild shootout at a gas station in Florida.

A millennial man named Delanie Jamal Battle-Donson was arrested on March 25th, after shooting at a group of bikers Sunday in Escambia County and barricading himself inside his home in Gonzales, Florida.

Interestingly enough, the 32-year-old wrote a rap song detailing the dramatic event.

The shooting happened on Sunday (March 21st) at a Circle K gas station on Nine Mile Road near I-10.

A group of bikers was pumping up when Battle-Donson arrived driving his white Honda Civic. Somehow the young man got into an argument with one of the bikers and it ended up in fisticuffs.

After the fight was broken up, Battle-Donson jumped into his car, “looped back around the gas station” and started letting off. It has been reported that one of the motorcyclists busted back, though no one was injured.

The police received a search warrant for Battle-Donson’s home and found the gun used at the shooting. They also found lyrics to Battle-Donson’s song called “Shots Fired/Strike Back” that seems to have incriminated the suspect.

The deputies’ report said, “The lyrics of the song are a play-by-play of the events of the shooting at Circle K.”

Talk about art imitating life.

According to the local ABC news affiliate, Battle-Donson has been charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a firearm, one count of criminal mischief (felony), and one count of criminal mischief (misdemeanor).

He is currently in the Escambia County Jail, locked up without bond.