Man Dies From Heart Attack After Being Turned Away From 43 Hospitals – Thanks To COVID Patients

Covid Patients

The surge in unvaccinated people suffering from the deadly coronavirus is putting a major strain on the nation’s healthcare system. Especially in the south!

An Alabama man has lost his life due to the COVID-19 virus.

However, he wasn’t even infected. Here is how.

Ray DeMonia was suffering from heart complications and was immediately rushed to the local hospital in Meridian, Alabama. The hospital had no beds available because of the uptick in the coronavirus.

The hospital staff started calling around to find an opening but could not find a bed for the ailing man.

DeMonia, still in heart failure had to wait, as the medical professionals called 43 hospitals across three different states.

But amid the surging Delta variant crisis, all of the other hospitals were also filled to the brim with poor souls sick due to complications from COVID-19.

The 73-year-old man finally died while being transported 200 miles away to the only hospital with an open bed ready to provide medical attention.

DeMonia’s cause of death was cardiac failure, but clearly, the lack of attention from the hospitals added to why he transpired.

The antique business owner experienced the heart attack days before his birthday.

On the day of his death, the United States released the report which stated that 180,000 new persons were diagnosed with the coronavirus and the majority of those affected by the virus (and taking up the beds) were people who reside in the South.

In August, his native Alabama had a huge jump in diagnoses. It is no coincidence that the Alabama Health Department is reporting that despite the constant push from some Democratic politicians, only 50% of those eligible for the vaccine have even received at least half of the dose.

DeMonia’s family is encouraging people to go get vaccinated.

Please find his obituary here.