Ma$e Tells Wild Story Of His Ex-Business Manager Scamming Him & Other Rappers


Ma$e said his former business manager ran off with his money during his early days as a Bad Boy Records artist.

Ma$e recalled his first business manager screwing him and several rappers out of their money on the February 23 episode of It Is What Is. The former Bad Boy Records artist did not identify the business manager but revealed the scam occurred after he signed with Diddy’s label.

“I remember when I first got a deal with Bad Boy Records, I think it was my first business manager, he ran off not just with my money, he ran off with everybody’s money,” Ma$e said. “So, we ain’t have no money to pay taxes. This n#### ran off with everybody’s money. We couldn’t find him … I don’t want to say nobody’s name, but it was a few rappers. More than a handful.”

Cam’ron confirmed his co-host’s story, sharing his recollections of what happened years ago. Ma$e recruited Cam and others to confront the business manager about the money issues, but the unnamed scammer quickly disappeared.

“This was like right when I started going crazy, so I had a few dollars,” Ma$e said. “And then when it came to pay, I was just like, ‘Yo, where’s all the money?’ … Like Killa said, I called Killa, I called a few n#####. We go down there. It was nobody in the office. I mean cleared out like Bruce Almighty when he was talking … to Morgan Freeman. It was nothing on the floor, yo.”

Ma$e told the story during a discussion about ex-NFL running back Adrian Peterson’s alleged financial struggles. The rapper-turned-sports talking head initially had no sympathy for handsomely paid athletes and entertainers going broke, but he changed his mind a bit after hearing more of Peterson’s alleged troubles. Earlier this week, Peterson claimed an estate sale company sold some of his trophies without his authorization. He threatened to take legal action and insisted he was “financially stable.”