Masika Kalysha Faces Backlash For Saying Reverse Colorism Exists

Masika Kalysha

A lot of people had something to say about the reality show veteran’s take.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood alumnae Masika Kalysha found herself in the Twitter hot seat after sharing her thoughts on colorism. Kalysha has spent hours defending herself on social media.

“Reverse colorism 100% exists. Saying that it doesn’t exist is actually proof that it does,” tweeted Masika Kalysha in response to a tweet by Texas-bred rapper Monaleo stating “there is no such thing” as reverse colorism.

Kalysha’s comments sparked debate across Twitter. One person quote-tweeted the 37-year-old reality television personality and argued that fairer-skinned women get away with bullying darker-skinned women.

“See how you just invalidated every single light skin black woman’s experience on earth, [because] you as ONE person just made a ridiculous statement? It blows me how anyone can say ‘no one was ever blah blah blah.’ So you’re omnipresent, omnipotent, clairvoyant & can speak for [everyone],” responded Masika Kalysha.

She added, “Speak on YOUR own experience don’t have such audacity that you tell other people’s stories that you never met. SMH you don’t even see how you are further proving my point.” After attempting to make her case about so-called reverse colorism, Kalysha then complained about how the argument creates “even more light-skin vs dark-skin b#######.”

Masika Kalysha’s War Of Words With Twitter Users Played Out Over Several Days

The following day, Masika Kalysha returned to Twitter. She posted, “All these messages bashing, dogging, condemning & discriminating against light skin women in efforts to prove that light skin women don’t get discriminated against really drives the point huh 🤔 🙄.”

Another Twitter user suggested that saying “reverse colorism” exists is the same as white people saying “reverse racism” exists. Kalysha fired back, “[Definitely] not the same and when did I say colorism doesn’t exist? 🤔.”

On Sunday, the former Growing Up Hip Hop: Atlanta cast member also tweeted, “I’m done with this topic because no matter what I say, prove, or share y’all gonna be furious. 🤷🏽‍♀️ Again further proving my statement to be true but hey go awf. I hope everyone has the day they deserve 😘.”

However, Masika Kalysha continued to address her online critics on Monday. The heated conversation played out on Twitter through last night. Kalysha claimed social media users berated her for her opinion about discrimination based on complexion in the Black community.

“Digging in dumpsters to dive into yesteryear just to crop out a whole thread of strangers attacking me calling me white & mixed & saying the most racist, colorist, ignorant s### to me & only reposting one of my responses is weirdo fan behavior. Post the whole thread [f######] weirdos,” wrote Kalysha.