Mass Brawl Erupts On Nick Cannon’s Bad Vs. Wild Debut Episode As Wigs & Blows Fly 

Nick Cannon is catching heat online following a mass brawl on the debut episode of his new Zeus Network Show, Bad vs. Wild.  

Nick Cannon’s new show descended into chaos as the Bad vs. Wild contestants began brawling on the premiere episode. 

The Zeus Network series, executive produced by Nick Cannon, launched on Sunday (March 3), promised a high-octane ride with the trailer teasing a fight. However, what began as a spat between reality stars Joseline Hernandez and Natalie Nunn instantly erupted into a mass brawl with wigs and punches flying left and right. 

The mayhem began when Hernandez mushed Nunn in the face. A security guard attempted to keep them apart, but within seconds the other reality stars rushed onto the stage and began tearing into each other. Staff did their best to contain the fighting, but they were outnumbered by the warring women.  

As soon as it appeared the situation was under control, another fight broke out. Hernandez, who kicked off the fisticuffs, seemingly stood back and watched from the side as pandemonium unfolded.  

Nick Cannon quickly became a trending topic on X, with users reacting to the mayhem.  

“I really be confused as to where nick cannon stand with the empowerment and up lifting of the black community. Cause hosting that wild VS bad s### is TRASH and degrading asf. He straddles the fence too much fa me,” one person wrote. 

“Nick Cannon also needs to tried for his crimes in creating BadvsWild,” another added. “Like how he managed to make Zeus look worst is quite incredible. Honestly.” 

Check out some of the other reactions below.