Master P Not Tossing Ex; He’s Not Allowing Access To Her Boyfriend And Partying

Master P Speaks On Estranged Wife Irresponsibility

In the latest chain of events with Master P and his estranged wife Sonya Miller, Master P responds to TMZ

My priority is to provide a safe environment for my family. She’s a grown woman and she’s free to do whatever she wants outside of the home. But I’m not going to allow access to her boyfriend and partying friends to come over and sleep where my kids are. She’s barely there, she doesn’t even take my kids to school and my sixteen year old failed all of her classes last year under her mother’s lack of guidance. This is the first time I’m hearing she has a hernia and vertigo. By the looks of her Instagram pics by the pool and the beach partying in the blazing sun, she looks quite healthy and happy. This is all a publicity stunt. I’m not feeding into her games. She needs to get focused on being a better mother to her kids and stop partying with her friends. My family lives in a safe guard gated community in Calabasas, where visitors are documented. These records will be furnished to the courts to show the heavy traffic and penalties that I have had to pay for all the crazy parties she’s been having throughout the years. She has the nerve to get upset because I refuse to buy her a new car. She doesn’t take our kids to school or anywhere else they need to be. She’s selfish, ungrateful and irresponsible. If she’s unappreciative of her lifestyle, why isn’t she working instead of waiting for me to give her more money for her extra curricular activities. Most of my kids are grown and have already moved out, she’s only raising one underage child of ours which is my sixteen year old while the rest are with me. My ex is basically letting it be known that I have been taking care of her and our kids all this time without a judge or court order. I’m just fed up with the extra BS. I have a lifetime commitment to my kids, I will always take care of my family and I wish the best for her, she’s the mother of my kids.

It looks like Master P has been taking attacks from his ex but, has always support his children. We will see if this separation will get finalized or if this attacks will continue.