Master P Reveals The Worst Investment He Has Ever Made

Master P

Master P explains the one investment he regrets the most. 

Rap mogul Master P is the definition of a serial entrepreneur.

P has had success in numerous endeavors in and outside of the music business. His No Limit Records empire sold well over 75 million records and released hits from some of the best-known rappers including Snoop and Mystikal while re-writing the rules of the music business.

Master P also found success over the years with brands like No Limit Films, his Moneyatti Streetwear line, and even in the grocery stores with brands like Rap Snacks and Uncle P’s Rice. 

So it’s pretty safe to say, Master P, who said to be worth over $200 million, knows how to invest his money. But there is one investment Master P remains ashamed of to this day, and it was an egregious display of his wealth. 

During an episode of MTV’s “Cribs” Master P showed off his luxurious mansion built for a king – complete with gold ceilings.

“Putting gold ceilings in my house, that wasn’t the smartest thing that I’ve ever done,” Master P told Men’s Health Magazine. “That’s a bad investment cuz when you move, you’ll never get the money out of that house.”

Master P sold the house a long time ago, presumably at a loss.

Last year, Master P unloaded his mansion in Hollywood to head for Minnesota, where his son’s Hercy and Mercy Miller are earning their way to the NBA as standout basketball players for Minnehaha Academy in Minneapolis.