Master P Steps Up To Fund Funeral For Slain 3-Year-Old

Master P is stepping up to the plate to assist a grieving family after their 3-year-old was killed in Kentucky.

(AllHipHop News) The year 2020 has brought more than her share of tragedy to the Black community.

However, few stories have been as heartwrenching as last Friday’s murder of 3-year-old Trinity Randolph.

Randolph was tragically shot as she was playing with her Disney “Frozen” themed dollhouse alongside her father, 21-year-old Brandon Waddles in Kentucky.

According to the Courier-Journal, Randolph’s family is wrecked.

Her great grandmother Valerie Randolph said that “It takes a mean, cold, selfish-hearted person to take a little 3-year-old’s life.”

Her death marks a sad and unfortunate, yet historical, moment for the city of Louisville: she is the youngest person to lose her life in a homicide.

No Limit rapper and businessman, Master P, was moved by the news and offered his own resources to lessen the load for the bereaved family.

“This a 3-year-old innocent girl that’s gone from her family, from her future, somebody who could have come out of the community and be the next president, doctor, lawyer, teacher,” Master P said to the Courier-Journal. “This is sad.”

He continued to talk about his investment in stopping this senseless violence, “Myself and Christopher 2X for 10 years plus have been raising awareness on reckless shootings and the impact on children and their families across the country.”

“Now three-year-old Trinity and her father. I will always do my part in Louisville and across the country to keep sounding the alarm bell on this problem,” he further stated. “The question becomes how ‘loud’ will we be for Trinity and other kids who are unfortunately in harm’s way of constant gunfire. Please do your part to ‘Let The Kids Grow.’”

The family has set up a GoFundMe which you can donate to by clicking here.

This is to help the mother Tynekia Randolph, and her one-month-old baby boy, Tristian Randolph.