Master P’s Daughter Says Her Mother Is “Not As Perfect As She Seems”

Sonya Miller Say Her Mother Parties and Lies About What’s Really going On At Home

The daughter of Master P, Sonya Miller, provides an exclusive statement providing a clearer picture of her mother different from what Wendy Williams, TMZ and other outlets have been stating. Sonya states;

No idea what really goes on with my mother but I do because I live with her. Its time to stop feeling sorry for my mom and know the harsh reality of how she really treats her family. This video is solely to inform and expose the truth.

Master P’s daughter also goes on to state:

This is the sad truth. My mother needs rehab not money. Wendy Williams does not know what goes on in our house but I know because I live there with her. No kid will want to say this about their own mom but I love her enough to not hide the truth anymore. I hope she gets help and not have all of these fake friends and boyfriends come around her now that think she has money, celebrate and party in the house where my father pays all the bills and allow these lawyers to manipulate her and sue her own son. This is my harsh reality.