Master’s P Estranged Wife Files Lawsuit Against Their Son Romeo Miller


Master P and his estranged wife, Sonya Miller, are in the middle of a bitter divorce and now their son, Romeo Miller, has been brought into it. According to TMZ, Romeo’s mother has filed a lawsuit against him claiming that his father is using him to hide assets.

Mrs. Miller says that she co-founded No Limit Records with Master P in 1990 but her son is listed as the co-founder of the new label, No Limit Forever, which she says is the same company, but she is not listed as a founder. Since Romeo is listed as the founder and owner, she has no rights to the label. She said she feels like this is a ploy by her soon-to-be ex-husband to keep her from receiving any monies.

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Miller also claims that P is keeping her from getting any of the money received from their reality show, Master P’s Family Empire, which comes to Reelz on Nov. 28th.  The hip-hop mogul was paid $750,000 for the first season and Miller claims that she cannot see a dime of it because their son is listed on the payroll documents. According to court documents, Miller does not blame her son and feels like he is being used in her estranged husband’s plan to keep her from getting any of his money.