Max B Releasing Therapeutic New Album Called “Negro Spirituals”

Max B

The imprisoned rapper is already making plans ahead of his release in 2021. 

Imprisoned rapper Max B may have lost an ally with long-time associate enemy Jim Jones, but the rapper is not letting a simmering beef stop his hustle. 

Max B was sentenced to 75 years in prison in 2009 for his role in a robbery turned homicide in September of 2006 in Fort Lee, New Jersey. 

The rapper caught a break in 2016 when he reached a plea deal with prosecutors for aggravated manslaughter, paving the way for his ultimate release, which is expected to occur sometime in early 2021. 

Despite his problems with Jim Jones, Max B is planning a bunch of new projects as he awaits his release from prison. 

In a new interview with Don Diva magazine, Max B revealed he’s readying a new album called Negro Spirituals which was recorded during his time locked down.

“I can’t wait, this is gonna be something for the ages. I’m gonna just put it out for me for the people,” Max B said. “You ain’t going to hear nobody on it. I might have one feature on it, I ain’t gonna say nothing, it’s going to be a surprise features. I’m gonna just put it out and I’m gonna just let it go, and I’m gonna just see what it do by itself. I want yall to enjoy this music that I’m about to put out because it’s real.”

Max explained the album was inspired by his time behind bars, and the oppression he felt as he served out his lengthy prison sentence. 

“If you want to go inside my mind for the last few years of what I’ve been through, that’s what you’re getting with Negro Spirituals. That album freed my mind when I was being oppressed in this place,” Max B continued. “Back when the slaves was on the plantation picking cotton, they was oppressed, the chain gang used to come up with spirituals to free their minds. This is what you won’t get when you get that. It’s potent music.

Max B’s new album Negro Spirituals is supposed to be released in April of 2021.