Max Caster Has Eyes Set On Making More Music & Winning AEW Tag Team Titles

AEW’s Max Caster tells AllHipHop about the balancing act of recording music while being a full-time professional wrestler.

Rapping isn’t just a gimmick for The Acclaimed’s Max Caster.

The AEW wrestler is known for the amusing raps he performs on TV, but he takes his music seriously. He loves Hip Hop, having grown up listening to the likes of Dipset and The L.O.X. before discovering artists such as Atmosphere and Murs.

Max Caster tries to record music as much as he can amid his busy schedule. Life as a professional wrestler comes with constant travel, making it difficult to devote time to his ambitions as a rapper.

“The double-edged sword with me being my own engineer, producer, mixer [and] promoter is that there is a lot of work,” he told AllHipHop. “So, I’m constantly making music, constantly writing music, but I’d like to say that … I should be recording music a lot more than I am. The weeks are tough. Travel is tough. I do a lot of outside shows, trying to meet the people. So, I will be recording more stuff.”

Max Caster has released his fair share of music, including 2021’s Critically Acclaimed Vol. 1 project. But he wants his next work, Vol. 2, to be a more intimate experience.

“I think on the next one, it’s going to be a lot more of my personal journey as a wrestler,” he explained. “The last album was a lot of the diss tracks we did for matches we were having on TV. And those were all great. But now we don’t have that many diss tracks coming out because we don’t know what we’re doing week to week.”

He continued, “So, I have a lot of time to write and a lot of tracks to fill. So, if I have 15 tracks, and maybe only one of them is a diss track that we’ve done for TV, well, I’m going to start to talk about my life and what it’s like to be a professional wrestler.”

Max Caster doesn’t have a release date for Vol. 2, but he plans to drop before the end of 2022. He also has his eyes on winning AEW titles with his tag team partner Anthony Bowens.

“The tag team titles is the number one goal,” he said. “Anthony and I are the best tag team in wrestling. We’re the most popular tag team, the most handsome tag team as well … I think it’s about time The Acclaimed got a little bit more respect. The next time we get a shot at those belts, we are going to win them. And everybody’s going to be super happy because everyone loves The Acclaimed.”

Check out AllHipHop’s full interview with Max Caster below.