Maybe Tory Lanez Ain’t The Party Dude You Thought He Was

Tory Lanez has decided to put down his guns and make better choices about his surroundings.

(AllHipHop News) This current season of self-isolation prompted by the coronavirus has yielded some fruit after all.

For some artists, they got heavy in their creative bag — putting mind to fire and fire to record. Some people are looking inwardly, without the distractions of the world, and finding new levels to this Hip-Hop devil.

Some have navigated both their creative selves and spiritual selves evolving as human beings that do what they do: Tory Lanez is one of those special types.

In a post on Instagram (now removed), he shared with his 10 million followers that he has grown as a man and will not be going into places that will require him to be violent.

“I’ve reached a place in life .. where it’s like … if I have to bring my gun to the function … I don’t need to be at that type of function anymore.”

In the past, Lanez has been known to carry a piece and has even been arrested for that.

In 2017, as reported by, the “Say it” rapper was taken into custody in Florida’s Broward County for having a concealed firearm, possession of marijuana, failure to register a motor vehicle, failure to show proof of liability insurance, and driving without a valid driver’s license.

His position has shifted.

He used the social media platform to also reveal that he has not done a lot of drugs in his life. In fact, he has only done weed. He posted this on Instagram.

“Fun Fact : The only drug I have ever done is weed . I never took a pill , not shrooms, coke , acid etc ….. and I say this to say … that when u see me happy , it’s because I’m genuinely happy about my life, fans, and legacy I’m leaving behind for my family. thank u all for the endless joy.”

This is a season of growth.

It’s good to see Tory Lanez share with his fans how he is transforming.