Meek Mill Fires Back At Trolls Attacking Him Over Diddy Lawsuit Implications

Meek Mill

Meek Mill appeared to be implicated in a new lawsuit against Diddy, who’s facing multiple sexual assault allegations.

Meek Mill criticized Akademiks and other trolls for trying to damage the rapper’s reputation on Wednesday (February 28). The Philadelphia native lashed out after he was seemingly implicated in the latest lawsuit against Diddy.

“Akademiks didn’t I tell you stop playing with my name… idk what ima do when I actually see you!” Meek Mill wrote on X (formerly known as Twitter). “It’s gonna have a combination to it tho!”

He added, “The way you n##### coming on the sick now… I can’t wait to meet akademiks lol they know I drop tomar this they damage control this net getting too weird. B#### ass n##### ain’t gone play no Games with me… they trying to do damage control … the same thing they almost tricked yall with lil baby.”

Meek Mill bashed Akademiks in several posts, accusing the internet personality of trying to destroy Black men.

“Akademiks an alcoholic fully powered by the White man … who you think posting that on every website!” he wrote. “They be so madddddddddddd they can’t stop its few groups! lol. Get me his addy ima shoot a full production music video in front of his house! Lol seriously get me that one in NJ!!!!!

He continued, “He’s an alcoholic with no life talking to kids on a computer… normal kids watch Kai … adin ..Wallo gillie … a sick old black man with no life achievements trying to destroy black men because you envy us as men.”

Producer Lil Rod sued Diddy for sexual harassment and assault on Monday (February 26). The lawsuit dragged Meek Mill’s name into the rumor mill by mentioning a rapper who allegedly had sex with Diddy and consorted with underage girls and sex workers. The rapper’s name was redacted, but he was identified as a “Philadelphia rapper who dated Nicki Minaj.”

Meek Mill denied the allegations.

“I’m from Philly I don’t do coke or freaky ass molly … nobody won’t even offer me coke because I’m that heavy,” he wrote. “No man or watt would ever approach me about gay activity and the whole place don’t get flipped … woke up seeing this on every blog like they know I’m coming! Lol.”

He continued, “That’s why I always come around all these industry n##### with my real friends. You never catch me around anybody from the industry alone.. you can’t even hold a convo without my dawgs stepping in the room it’s been that way … I can’t til yall find out I’m the illest in this s### lol.”

Meek Mill asked his followers to show him the actual lawsuit. He suggested the court documents might be “computer generated” even though the lawsuit was a matter of public record. The outspoken artist believed he was facing a smear campaign.

“The 2 things they say … we snitching or we gay ….we generating 100’s of millions from music it’s not a coincidence we all gay and snitches,” he wrote. “They are powering this stuff even if it’s fake! The goal is to disrupt the Hip-Hop community…. I own this music that drop tomar play it!!!!!”

Meek Mill concluded his rant by promoting his new music.