Meek Mill Reacts To Getting Trolled Over Viral “Bunny Hop” Video

Meek Mill

A clip of Michael Rubin telling Meek to “count out loud” resurfaces.

Meek Mill has had a rough week on the internet. For instance, social media users continue to make fun of the Philadelphia native for a 2021 viral video.

In the clip posted by billionaire Micheal Rubin, Meek Mill can be seen jumping up and down on a tennis court. Rubin also tells the rapper to count out loud.

An X user responded to one of Meek’s tweets by reposting the “bunny hop” video asking, “How much did they pay you to do this?” The Expensive Pain album creator then addressed the topic.

“This [is] a game I started from prison. We used to make killers do bunny hops when they [lost] because it was too hostile for money,” Meek Mill claimed.

The 37-year-old entertainer also wrote, “This be us!!! Ima get Rubin to bunny hop for me okay lol. Ima teach him [the] DThang hop!” Meek returned to X nearly eight hours later with more to say about the Micheal Rubin video.

“Do a history check, me, NBA players, and most rappers I know was playing this game and we all was posting it,” Meek Mill tweeted. “The plan was to actually make a billionaire bunny hop but I lost.”

The Reform Alliance founding partner concluded, “The media used that as a vocal point… Did everybody forget or is it because it’s a white man?”