Meek Mill Reacts To Jeff Bezos Promising To Give Away $124 Billion Fortune

Meek Mill

#MeekMill wants someone to donate money to address gun violence and poverty.

Robert “Meek Mill” Williams works with billionaires like Michael Rubin, Robert Kraft, and Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter as part of the REFORM Alliance. This week, Mill took to Twitter to address a story about another billionaire.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos is reportedly worth between $121 billion and $124 billion. In an interview with CNN, Bezos declared that he will give away the majority of his fortune within his lifetime.

Meek Mill got wind of Jeff Bezos’s considerable charity pledge. The Expensive Pain album creator, who is a multi-millionaire in his own right, reacted to the Bezos news on his Twitter account.

“One day I hope somebody could donate millions to ‘black on black gun violence’ or to fix poverty in one poverty-stricken area as [an] experiment… because it’s really fixable stuff and it’s more people losing lives [than] the wars they show on the news to guns and fentanyl,” tweeted Meek Mill.

He later added, “And I don’t just hope for a person from another race to fix our cultural problems either. I plan on making/raising the money to participate and stand on what I’m talking about… It’s not rap music it’s the environment that needs addressing music will change.”

Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance Partner Also Received A Sizeable Donation From Bezos

Jeff Bezos already announced a $100 million grant to Dolly Parton as part of the Courage and Civility Award program. Van Jones, an Executive Board member of Meek Mill’s REFORM Alliance, received the Courage and Civility Award in 2021.

That special recognition included Jeff Bezos presenting Van Jones with $100 million to gift to the non-profits of his choice. In addition to working with Meek and the REFORM Alliance, Jones co-founded other organizations such as Color Of Change and Dream Corps.

The mission of the REFORM Alliance is to generate solutions for the problems associated with the American criminal justice system. Meek Mill serves as the Co-Chair of the organization alongside former Philadelphia 76ers ownership partner Michael Rubin. REFORM Alliance has backed legislative wins in states like Michigan and California.