Meek Mill Reveals His EV Malfunctioned Causing A Crash That Knocked Him Out

Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s brush with danger in his new electric truck has sent a serious warning about emerging vehicle technologies.

Meek Mill narrowly escaped tragedy when his new electric truck malfunctioned dramatically on the first day he bought it.

Meek took to Twitter to show off the damage and highlight the severe safety concerns amid widespread recalls for similar vehicles.

While driving his newly acquired electric Humner vehicle, the Philadelphia-born rapper experienced a brake pedal detachment and realized that the airbags failed to deploy after a severe crash.

“First day I bought this car no airbags… brake pedal came off… with door open no safety effects… no laser sensor working… this knocked me out bad, I was in park and the car started pulling off! I had this car for 4hrs maximum,” Meek Mill recounted.

His ordeal accentuates the potential risks of new EVs flooding the market.

Meek was commenting on recent recalls from major manufacturers, including Tesla’s recall of the Cybertruck due to a faulty accelerator pedal.

Tesla issued a voluntary recall for 3,878 Cybertruck vehicles due to the accelerator pad dislodging, posing a heightened risk of collision.

The recall refers to the potential systemic issues within the rapidly growing EV industry.

“Tesla has always been safe for me I tried some new s### and it almost killed me the first day!” Meek added.

Despite the traumatic event, Meek Mill’s encounter did not lead to any long-term physical injuries.

However, Meek’s incident with the new EV trucks raises questions about the safety of newly introduced electric vehicles.

As consumers grow increasingly concerned about the environmental impacts of fossil fuels and turn to electric vehicles, incidents like Meek Mill’s demonstrate that there is a need for more strict safety measures and regulations in the burgeoning segment.