Meek Mill Scoffs At Trolls Who Clowned Him For African Streaming Question

Meek Mill

Meek Mill was really on to something and folks just tried to clown him!

Meek Mill is challenging trolls on social media in connection to the blunder that resulted in his question regarding streaming patterns within the continent of Africa earlier this year.

On Monday (June 10), Meek exercised his Twitter (X) fingers by responding to a clip circulating on social media of gamma. CEO Larry Jackson’s recent interview with podcaster Joe Budden. In addition to discussing specifics about gamma., Jackson touched on several notable hot-button topics trending in the music industry during the interview, including streaming.

Along with claiming Drake is a bigger artist than acts from the ’70s, ’80s and ’90s combined, the former global creative director for Apple Music broke down how different parts of the world consume music digitally.

“You need the technology to be able to distribute music to the some-odd 200 DSP’s around the world. And you think of it as just Apple and Spotify and what not, but, you’ve got like, AudioMack is like the biggest streaming service in Nigeria right now,” Jackson said in part. “Deezer is the biggest one in France, so on and so forth. You have all of these type of regional services that are popular at a regional level, and there’s about 200 of them.”

Several months earlier, prior to Jackson’s interview, Meek attempted to understand the streaming habits of listener’s in Africa but seemingly made the mistake of petitioning Twitter (X) users to help him figure it out.

“This why I asked how music is was consumed in Africa and other parts of the world! Twitter you get attacked for trying to learn information,” Meek wrote in a tweet featuring the clip from Jackson’s interview.

As if the clip wasn’t enough to prove Meek’s question was one of sound business acumen, co-founder of Audiomack Brian Zisook replied in the thread of the tweet to add relevant statistics to help qualify the “Going Bad” rapper’s quest to find “the money trail” in streaming trends in Africa.

“And those numbers are outdated. @Audiomack is on track to reach 10M (!) monthly users in Nigeria alone by the end of the summer. We’re the No. 1 music streaming app in eight African countries and within the top four in four others across the continent,” Zisook wrote.

In January, Meek Mill initially posted, “Do a lot of people play my music in South Africa? I remember having on big show [there a] few years back… how do y’all listen to our music in South Africa???? On what platform or in Nigeria?”

Almost immediately he was mocked by users in South Africa and across the continent and world at- large.

“Normally we use rocks but on a good day we use trees or we get one person to sing for the whole village,” one user wrote, while another user tweeted, “Lol you want to come yet you’re insulting us and looking down?? Anyways, we play your music on a tree… we charge it with oranges.”

Check out Meek’s tweets above.