Video: Meek Mill Threatens To Slap Travis Scott At Fancy White Party

Meek Mill and Travis Scott

Meek Mill and Travis Scott supposedly got into a beef at a swanky white party hosted by billionaire businessman, Michael Rubin. What the hell happened?

Reports are swirling around the internet, stating that Philly rapper Meek Mill and Houston rapper Travis Scott got into a big fight while they were flossing in a big “White Party” in the Hamptons during the 4th of July.

The party was thrown by Michael Rubin, the co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers.

Everyone from Jay-Z to Jon Bon Jovi was on the guest list. That still did not stop the two emcees from going back and forth with each other.

Why they were arguing is still unknown.

What is known is that the conflict happened around 1:30 AM and was the reason why the soiree came to close.

Fans are asking, “weh?” Check out the Twitter responses.

“Meek mill did all that in front of Beyoncé”

“Meek mill tryna fight Travis Scott but didn’t try to fight nicki Minaj husband is cringe. Don’t be a bully Twitter

“Meek Mill trying to fight Travis Scott like”

As reported by, the party was not all about misplaced machismo. Lil Uzi Vert, another Philly artist, captivated the crowd by breakdancing in his fresh duds— sweeping up into a windmill.

In the circle cheering him on were Brooklyn Nets James Harden and Meek again engaged in a tickle fest.

The basketball player held no punches as he tickled the former battle rapper, causing him to giggle uncontrollably.

It is interesting to see how Meek can go from one extreme to the next. We hope he tempers his anger— as he does prison reform let’s hope he doesn’t lean on his lowest vibration and find himself locked up … again.