Meek Mill’s Warning On Gun Violence & Illegal Immigrants Sparks Discussion

Meek Mill

Meek Mill’s latest tweet serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing safety and societal challenges facing Americans.

In a recent public service announcement, rapper Meek Mill took to Twitter, addressing the dire state of safety and societal issues in America.

Meek, known for his activism and social commentary through music In his reform alliance with Jay-Z, painted a grim picture of the challenges facing Americans today.

“Make sure you strap up in America it’s extremely dangerous on the streets! They have no control illegal immigrants everywhere… automatic guns flooded the inner city’s … fettynal poison in most drugs … opioids melting the brains of humans .. and algorithms mind control,” Meek Mill tweeted.

His tweet highlights a range of issues from gun violence, the opioid crisis, to the influence of technology on mental health.

Meek’s words resonate with many Americans who face these realities daily. .

Recent statistics corroborate Meek Mill’s concerns about gun violence. According to the Gun Violence Archive, there have been over 5,000 gun-related deaths in the United States so far this year alone, not including suicides.

In his hometown of Philly, there have been 51 deaths, which is actually a decrease of 30% compared to 2023.

This figure starkly illustrates the prevalence of gun violence in the country.

Meanwhile, the opioid crisis remains a public health emergency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that nearly 70,000 Americans died from opioid overdoses in 2020, a record number that underscores the deadly impact of this epidemic.

As Meek Mill shines a light on these urgent issues, it’s also noteworthy that he continues to express his creativity and activism through music.

The rapper just released his new EP titled “Heathenism” on Friday, further solidifying his role as a pivotal voice in both the music industry and social discourse.

However, some took issue with his opinions. Check out some of the replies below.