Megan Thee Stallion Announces $10,000 “Don’t Stop Scholarship” For Women Of Color

The Texas-raised emcee is looking to help other WOC pay for school.

Earlier this year, Megan Thee Stallion partnered with Amazon Music to donate supplies and money for the residents and staff of a Houston-area nursing facility. The Hot Girl Coach also teamed with Cardi B, Twitter, and Cash App to give away $1 million to “powerful women” as part of August’s #WAPParty.

Megan has now turned her attention to funding higher education for two women of color. Yesterday, the Texas Southern University student introduced her $10,000 “Don’t Stop Scholarship” which draws its name from Thee Stallion’s latest single “Don’t Stop” featuring Young Thug.

A statement on reads:

In honor of all the young women out there who don’t stop working hard to get their education! Women remain underrepresented and undervalued in society and female students of color are at a larger disadvantage when it comes to access financial resources. Still a college student herself, Megan is incredibly passionate about the transformative power of education and remains a strong advocate for women pursuing a college degree. Megan is partnering with Rap Rotation, Amazon Music’s flagship global Hip-Hop brand and playlist that spotlights the best in Hip-Hop, to award two $10,000 scholarships to female students of color pursuing an associates, bachelors, or postgraduate degree in any field.

Apparently, the website quickly went down on Thursday afternoon. Around 10 minutes after Megan first tweeted about the scholarship opportunity, she returned to Twitter to write, “Hold on y’all crashed the website lol one sec… The site will be back up in a few minutes and it is a GLOBAL SCHOLARSHIP so hot girls from all over the world can apply.”

Women of color who are interested in applying for financial assistance from Megan Thee Stallion and Rap Rotation have to fill out an online application that includes personal information, a field of study, current institution, and an essay. Last night, she tweeted, “The essay for the scholarship should basically be about yourself, what you are majoring in, and why you need the degree! Doesn’t matter how many words or pages just do your best hotties!”