Memphis Bleek Talks The Benefits Of Jay Z’s Tidal & Why New York Hip Hop Is Winning


(AllHipHop News) There is something to say about loyalty. Memphis Bleek has been riding with his big homie Jay Z since the 1990’s, and the Brooklyn rapper continued backing his “Coming Of Age” collaborator. During an interview with Shade 45, Bleek defended Jay’s Tidal streaming outlet.

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“I’m not familiar with none of these streaming sites. I’m new to all of them. I do know Tidal, to me, is worth it,” stated Bleek. “I am saying it because I’m bias with the team. Who gives a f*ck? But I pay my $10 subscription like everybody else… On my Tidal app, I have every album I didn’t even ask for. What more can you want?”

Bleek explained how his $10/month Tidal subscription allows him to listen to endless albums instantly as compared to having to pay for each individual project from iTunes or a retail store. While some consumers have complained that Tidal does not offer a free option like streaming competitors, the company claims it’s royalty pay out to artists is nearly four times more than Spotify.

Shade 45’s DJ Superstar Jay and crew also asked Bleek about the state of New York Hip Hop. The “Round Here” performer feels his hometown rap scene is still going strong.

“I don’t know how people say New York is not repping. You got French Montana killing. Nicki Minaj killing. Joey Bada$$ killing. Hov killing. 50 killing. Where we not relevant at?'” asked Bleek. “New York – we’re still doing our thing. When I turn on the radio, I still hear Maino and Uncle Murda everyday. You got a bunch of rappers out here all day that’s winning.”

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Listen to Memphis Bleek’s interview below.