Method Man Fuses TICAL Cannabis Business With Activism

Hip-Hop veteran, Method Man, introduces new strains while promoting awareness of social injustices.

(AllHipHop News) “Taking Into Consideration All Lives, or TICAL is the acronym dubbed by Wu-Tang Clan veteran and Hip-Hop icon, Method Man.

He used the acronym as the title of his solo album that debuted back in 1994. Nearly three decades later, Method Man has turned TICAL into a legitimate cannabis brand.

The rapper is launching three strains to be sold at four dispensaries in California and all Black-owned. TICAL was able to develop its own strains after securing a partnership with Clone Guy Industries, a Cali-based grower.

They are dedicated to meeting all the health standards that have been raised due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Amidst the modern-day activism that has reignited in the aftermath of the recent murders of George Floyd and Rayshard Brooks at the hands of law enforcement, Method Man, legal name, Clifford Smith, is combining his business with advocacy.

“Personally, it’s essential that we use our brand to help bring awareness to the social, systemic, and economic injustice in communities that have struggled with oppressive mass incarceration and racially-biased pricing procedures,” Method Man said.

Method Man’s latest venture is the latest business pushing towards the legalization of marijuana in the US. He joins many other celebrities, such as Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson, and Tommy Chong who have supported the movement and have also endorsed various cannabis-based products.