Machine Gun Kelly On ‘White Privilege II’: Macklemore Makes Race An Issue


Photo Credit: Instagram

(AllHipHop News) Known for his blunt delivery, Machine Gun Kelly rarely minces words. Today (Jan. 26), while the Bad Boy rapper was in Los Angeles, he spoke about his thoughts on Macklemore’s controversial track, “White Privilege II.” After being opined as one of the Top five greatest rappers, MGK offered, “I mean, I’m not just a great white rapper; I’m a great rapper period, muthaf**ka.”

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Since being released “White Privilege II” has sparked many debates regarding its creative content and its social implications. The “Invincible” MC then declared, “Race is not an issue. Race is a issue for people like Macklemore and sh*t,” this according to TMZ. MGK soon reinforced his stance on Macklemore when he claimed, “Bruh, I’m comfortable in my own skin. Man, I can’t help other people be the same way.”

Is Hip-Hop more concerned with color or creativity?