Playboy Fires Model Mia Khalifa Over Her Support Of Hamas

The former adult film star now considers Playboy to be “Zionists.”

Model Mia Khalifa has lost her contract with Playboy. The adult entertainment company terminated its professional relationship with her after she posted her thoughts about the Israel-Hamas attacks over the weekend. As she wrote, “Tell the freedom fighters in Palestine to flip their phones and film horizontal.”

Playboy released a statement that was shared by TMZ that read: “We are writing today to let you know of our decision to terminate Playboy’s relationship with Mia Khalifa, including deleting Mia’s Playboy channel on our creator platform.

“Over the past few days, Mia has made disgusting and reprehensible comments celebrating Hamas’ attacks on Israel and the murder of innocent men, women and children. At Playboy, we encourage free expression and constructive political debate, but we have a zero tolerance policy for hate speech. We expect Mia to understand that her words and actions have consequences.”

After she was canned, Khalifa posted, “I’d say supporting Palestine has lost me business opportunities, but I’m more angry at myself for not checking whether or not I was entering into business with Zionists.”

According to CNN, more than 1,000 people—mostly civilians—have been killed and 3,418 injured since Hamas launched the attack on Saturday (October 7).