Miami Rapper Brisco Takes Stand as Robbery Victim


(AllHipHop News) Poe Boy/YMCMB rapper Brisco took the stand in Miami court yesterday (October 18) for an incident that took place two years ago, when he was robbed at a barbershop in Miami, Florida.

The Opalocka raised rapper, born British Alexander Mitchell, took the stand for the 2009 incident, in which he was pistol-whipped and robbed by four armed assailants.

The defense claimed that Brisco couldn’t tell who the suspects were, because his face was down on the floor.

They also called the rapper an untrustworthy witness, due to another pending case for an assault charge.

Surveillance video in the court shows Brisco getting his hair cut, when four armed men are seen storming into the barbershop.

In related news, Brisco has released a few songs over the past few months that are getting heavy play across the internet.

His new singles “Reggie Bush” is an ode to the Dolphins new acquisition, and “Kissin’ Me” is a new track featuring Ray J.

Both songs are currently available to fans online.

His actual testimony is as follows according to Miami’s WSVN-TV:

Brisco: “One of the guys hit me with the gun.”

Defense: “Where did he hit you?”

Brisco: “Like on the side of my head.”

Defense: “You kept your face right on the ground because you didn’t want to take the chance?”

Brisco: “They ordered us to be faced down, and I was down to the side, and I had my head to the side most of the time.”

Defense: “Did the police ask you about whether or not you had a gun?”

Brisco: “Yes.”

Defense: “OK, and did you lie to them or did you tell them the truth when you answered?”

Brisco: “At first, I lied.”