Miami Rapper Pablo Alvarez Attempts To Set World Record By Freestyling For 25 Straight Hours


(AllHipHop News) Pablo Alvarez wanted to see his name in the Guinness World Records. In order to do that, he took on the challenge of rapping for 25 hours.

“Originally, it started as a joke,” Alvarez told Miami New Times. “It came about from me joking that I could freestyle all day.”

The member of the Miami-bred band Good Bison streamed his day-long freestyle session on Facebook Live as fans of the group gave him topics to talk about by commenting under the videos.

Guinness World Records can take up to 12 weeks to confirm a new record, but Alvarez believes the visual proof should be enough to guarantee him the crown.

“I have the entire 25 hours on film, and there were witnesses present the entire time who were keeping track,” Alvarez says. “The interesting thing is the Guinness Book of World Records gives you a five-minute break for every continuous hour of activity. I didn’t take any breaks. I kept going 25 hours straight. I didn’t stop.”

The publication reports Alvarez did use the bathroom one time during the period. He also managed to drink water, a smoothie, and 5 Hour energy.

Los Angeles is the current home of Good Bison. The city is also the site where veteran emcee Murs plans to conduct his own 24-hour plus rap marathon live online during his Where You At? L.A. show on September 28.

“It’s not going to be a freestyle. I’ll leave that to the champion, Supernatural. It’s going to be like rap karaoke,” Murs informed last month. “I’m going to do some of my own songs, some songs from my new album that no one’s heard yet, and some songs that I never put out that I really like.”

Good Bison recently released their Buffalo Roots project. Watch Pablo Alvarez’s 25-hour freestyle here.