Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life In Prison For Killing Jordan Davis


Michael Dunn, who shot and killed 17-year-old Jordan Davis back in November of 2012 in Florida, has been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole today (Oct. 17), according to NBC News. Dunn fired 10 shots into a car of four teenagers after he began arguing with them about playing loud music from their car.  Dunn, 47, was convicted of first-degree murder and three counts of attempted murder in which he received a additional 90-year-sentence for.He was also sentenced to an extra 15-years for firing into an occupied vehicle.

“Our justice system works. This case demonstrates that our justice system does work,” Judge Russell Healey said at the sentencing.

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42 thoughts on “Michael Dunn Sentenced to Life In Prison For Killing Jordan Davis”

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  2. Good night,Mr.Dunn. You sacrificed your life and your freedom for rap music. Thanks to you being a coward and unfortunately because Florida doesn’t want to make another mistake and they definitely don’t want protesting the way Ferguson is these days,you get to die in prison. Sooner than later if you get irritated again at black people’s choice of volume for their music. But somehow i doubt you will be as opinionated where you’re going. Safe journey.

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  4. This sad case illustrates exactly why people should not carry guns in public.

    Had this guy not had a gun, the young man would be enjoying life with his
    friend and the man would be enjoying dinner with his family

    Now…because of that gun….both lives are essentially finished…and the shooter will be a burden on the taxpayer for the rest of his life. (price tag for incarceration= $30,000 a year)

    If people live in constant fear of being attacked at any moment… and feel they have to carry a gun around everywhere for protection at the mall, at school, at their kid’s dance recital, or at a restaurant…they should just stay at home, lock their doors ,bar their windows, set their burglar alarm, and sit by the door with a gun in their hand.

    But For heaven sakes…let the rest of us live in peace!!!

      1. Dunn fired 10 shots into a car of four teenagers after he began arguing with them about playing loud music from their car.
        No gun. No dead kid.
        Pretty simple

      2. So we should disarm all the people in America who don’t like black people….starting with the State of Mississippi

    1. Sorry bruh but I have to contest that! If I’m a law abiding citizen and eligibile to carry a gun in public I’m going too. People walk around with illegal firearms all the time.So why shouldn’t I be able to protect my wife and kids when we’re out in public?

      1. YOU SAY “Sorry bruh but I have to
        contest that! If I’m a law abiding citizen and eligibile to carry a gun in public I’m going too. “

        OK. Well the law says you can wear underwear on your head. Are you going to do that too??

        Of course not.

        Why. Because you’d look RIDICULOUS walking around with underwear on your head!!!

        You sound so fearful about walking around in public because you are AFRAID that so many other people have illegal guns.

        What are gun owners so paranoid about that they have to keep a weapon of mass destruction with them where ever they go: to the convenience store, to the mall, to the grocery
        store, to their kids dance recital, to a parent teacher conference???

        Calm down. Get a grip on reality.

        Are you REALLY SERIOUSLY worried that some nut job is going to jump out from behind the vegetable aisle at the grocery store and shoot you with an illegal firearm???
        (Yes. I’ve seen a silly gun owner shouldering an semi automatic rifle at the grocery store. It looks absolutely ridiculous!!)

        Americans have been going to church, basketball games, dance recitals and grocery stores for years…without packing a gun and having to worry about being attacked by someone with an illegal gun.

        So …What are you paranoid gun owners so afraid of?

        If you are so fearful that there are so many people with illegal guns out there in public…why not..START SHOPPING ONLINE. It’s much safer that way. You don’t have to worry about you kid wandering over to the toy section unprotected while you are in the shoe section getting fitted for shoes.

        Next thing you know: you’ll start attending your children’s Christmas play wearing a complete body armor suit…because you are afraid someone with an illegal rifle is going to take a crack at your from the balcony with a high powered rifle and a scope.

        Opps. I shouldn’t have said that. I think I’ve got you worried

      2. Because of the type of business I run I always carry a firearm. And when you have a CCW there certain places like court house, school campuses, federal and state buildings that you have to respect. I follow all rules when carrng. Next time you reply it helps that it be a little more of an educated response. I’m not afraid of nothing but God but I will defend my self at all cost. By the way I live in California, alameda county at that and there’s only 150 civilian CCW’s so it’s not just handed out easily here.

      3. Well, that’s a LOT different from your original post: “So why shouldn’t I be able to protect my wife and kids when we’re out in public?” Next time just say you are a security guard for a bank or a cop or whatever…and NOT that you carry a gun to protect your family.
        Because THAT sounded paranoid and ridiculous.

      4. I actually own two chevron gas stations and a few 7elevens. As a young successful black male thst had very little growing up I tend to do nigga shit like balling out at the mall when ever or spoiling my children with the things I never had. When I go back to the hood to visit some of the family that haven’t changed do to my success, the wolves are foaming at the mouth when I come through. I’ve drove through the hood and niggas shot at my masariti while I was with my family. Bruh I’ve been held at gunpoint and hit with a pistol. When I applied for my permit I knew it was slim to none that I would get it but while my app got reviewed it showed I was a victim of hate crimes my nigga.

      5. So, tell me “bruh”….why in the heck do you need to pack a
        concealed weapon at ALL times for??

        You own 2 gas stations and bunch of convenience stores.
        You drive a (masariti) Masarati..a car whose price tag
        starts at $100,000…(and whose name you couldn’t even spell correctly)
        And You are living in Alameda County, California….one of the
        safest and richest counties in all of California where the median family income is $89,000!
        Of the 1.5 million people living in Alameda almost all of
        them are White or Asians. Less than 1% of the citizens are black like you.

        So let me ask you again.
        Why do you feel so afraid in one of the richest and safest counties in California that you have to pack a weapon all the time to protect yourself and your family?
        You Gun owners need to lighten up.
        Having phobias about people trying to kill you all the time is like fear of flying, fear of snakes, fear of heights, fear of the dark. It’s irrational thinking that sometimes requires professional help.

        NO ONE in Alameda Country is trying to shoot you .. No One. It’s perfectly safe to go to the grocery store or to
        a restaurant or to a shopping mall… without carrying a concealed weapon or strapping an assault weapon to your side. No one is trying to kill you!!!!

        Just remember…the majority of citizens in wealthy Alameda Country leave home to go shopping without a weapon…and they home return safely.

        In fact, People have been shopping for fruits and vegetables in Alameda Country for years without incident.

    2. That’s why I never rolled wit dudes that stayed strapped up.. #1 Guns don’t stop bullets.. And #2 you are way more likely to get into some shyt with a gun on you then defend yourself legally..

      1. My fault. I got him mixed up with Theodore Wafer, the guy that shot the Black girl in Detroit. That’s great though…that’s 2 down.

      2. Both these mothafukkas deserve to rot. The guy that shot into the black kids car was a straight up bigot thinking he could just kill black kids and get off cause hes white..I hope the piece of shyt gets victimized daily.

  5. took them long enough

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  6. The Legendary Troll

    the extra 15 year sentence was unnecessary. he wont live past the first one. and this doesnt prove anything outside the judge wanting to make peace with the trayvon crowd.

    1. the 15yr sentence wasn’t unnecessary, It was related to the other charge he was found guilty of – the judge can’t say “well, you’re already getting life, fvck it, we good…not sentence for the other crime”

    2. What if a procedural error gets the murder case tossed on appeal? Then he’d be free until the DA was ready to drop the new case. Shyt happens more than you think. I just happened to google ouija cuz of the new movie and a murder conviction was tossed because the jurors used a damn ouija board to ask the dead person who did it.. Law should go by the book, if we don’t like the book we should change it..

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