Suge Knight's Ex-Wife Miche'le Comments On Suge Knight's Murder Charge (VIDEO)


Suge Knight has been in and out of jail during most of his career and his recent murder charge may be the last straw. His ex-wife, singer Miche’le, knows his legal past all too well; Suge was incarcerated during six of the eight years that  they were together. The R&B Divas reality star says that Suge’s latest run-in with the law is ironic because he probably didn’t intend to do it.

“A man goes through his whole life with all these speculatory things that have happened,” she told Vlad TV, “and just in that split second, that’s the decision that actually sums up your whole entire life. You’ve been served fifteen lives. You’ve been to prison, done prison time, you’ve been shot an enormous amount of times, you beat jail time a lot, and then all of a sudden, in a split second, something that you probably didn’t even intend to do happened. It’s just ironic.”

The “No More Lies” singer says that she does not talk to Suge on a regular basis and that he maintains contact with their daughter on his own. She did say that when she did speak to him she told him that he’s “an old man” and he “needs to sit down.”

Watch her give her take on Suge’s legal troubles below.