Mickey Factz, Nikki Lynette And Chuck Creekmur Join AllHipHop Panel On Mental Health

Mental health is far too important to ignore. Join AllHipHop on Twitter Spaces this Sunday at 7pm with Obasi Jackson, Nikki Lynette, Mickey Factz and Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur for this judgment free xL conversation!

AllHipHop.com is proudly shedding light on World Mental Health Day by hosting a virtual chat on Twitter Space called, “Let’s Talk About It” on Sunday, October 10. It will be hosted by Chuck “Jigsaw” Creekmur, the CEO of AllHipHop.com, and singer Nikki Lynette, the host of the About A Girl show on iHeartRadio and self-proclaimed Mental Health Thug.

On the panel, alongside the two moderators, will be rapper Mickey Factz; Influencer Mik Veal; Mental Health Advocate and Psychotherapist, Rwen Shaun and singer/ rapper Obasi Jackson.

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Lynette, who is also an award-winning singer/songwriter, believes that this topic is too important to sweep under the rug. 

She shared, “Everybody has mental health. It’s just as important as physical health… but for some reason, we aren’t supposed to talk about it. If you’re depressed, you’re weak. If you’re angry, you’re violent. If you’re anxious, you’re crazy.”

“The judgment keeps people from admitting when they aren’t ok,” she continues. “There are literally more people in the world dealing with mental health issues right now than the number of people living with asthma and diabetes COMBINED. So why does one of the most common human conditions have the most stigma? The old school method of sweeping issues under the rug doesn’t work.”

“We gotta change things. And we can start by simply talking about it.”

AllHipHop.com agrees. Creekmur stated, ” Hip-Hop has always dealt with the difficult topic of mental health on so many levels. The thing is, we had to hide it in the midst of self medication, hardcore lyrics and even overly self destructive behavior. Sadly we are still dealing with with this, from the young to the old. Thankfully, we are working to remove the stigma and getting back to healing people in our communities without judgment.”

Join us on Sunday, October 10th at 7:00 PM EDT/ 6:00 PM CDT/  4:00 PM PDT/ 11:00 PM GMT on AllHipHop.com’s Twitter Space.