MilanMakesBeats Talks Playboi Carti Allegedly Stealing His Production (AUDIO)


(AllHipHop News) Playboi Carti’s breakout self-titled mixtape is one of the hottest projects of 2017.

The tape includes the Top 40 club hit “Magnolia” and the Lil Uzi Vert assisted “wokeuplikethis*.”

Carti is an early contender for rookie of the year, but there’s a producer who believes he is not getting enough credit for the Atlanta rapper’s success.

MilanMakesBeats is also accusing Carti of not paying for his contribution to several songs.

In an interview with DJ Akademiks, Milan claimed he sent a beat package to a different artist in 2015 and later saw A$AP Mob affiliate Ian Connor posting snippets to Periscope of a track that became Carti’s “VLONE Thug.”

“I started hitting them like, ‘That’s my beat,'” said Milan. “I didn’t really care how they got it. I just wanted to get paid.”

The South Carolina native allegedly reached out to Carti and after several months he finally got a response from the rising rhymer.

“He was like, ‘I f-ck with you. I like your beats. Your sh-t goes crazy.’ I was like, ‘Alright, cool so let’s work.’ He was like, ‘Keep sending some more,'” Milan stated.

Milan also claimed he sent snippets to Carti, and many of them were eventually released as songs such as “On Go” or jacked for the sample/lyrics like with “Flex.”

He claimed the record “Butterfly Coupe” was his production as well.

Playboi Carti sometimes credited the songs’ producer on artwork as Milan Beats, not MilanMakesBeats.

“I started noticing anytime he did mention my name he would put ‘Milan Beats’ and I’ve corrected him before, so I think he’s doing that on purpose,” expressed the producer.

In addition, Milan said an A&R from Interscope played him a different version of the 2017 Playboi Carti mixtape with his production snippets included.

“They were like, ‘We’re gonna send you some paperwork. We’re gonna make sure you get paid. Keep sending beats,'” Milan told Akademiks.

He added, “They didn’t use anything for the album because I did not sign any contracts… They never sent [paperwork] to me because I wouldn’t send the track outs first. They kept saying, ‘Send the track outs and then we’ll send the paperwork.’ I was like, ‘Why can’t y’all just send me the paperwork? Then I’ll do the track outs because y’all already recorded over the song, put it out, and promoted it as if it was gonna drop. So give me the paperwork first.”

MilanMakesBeats is looking to get official credit and secure performance royalties from Carti for “VLONE Thug.”

“I’ve never got nothing. Not even a penny,” he revealed. “The most I’ve gotten is ‘f-ck you’ and ‘I’m gonna fight you’ and death threats. That’s about it.”