Million Dollar Lawsuit Breaks Out Over Gil Scott-Heron Estate


(AllHipHop News)
A lawsuit has broken out between the children of Gil Scott-Heron, over the late, legendary singer’s estate.

Rumal Rackley is Gil Scott’s only son and the official administrator of his estate.

Rackley filed the lawsuit in New York Supreme Court on February 24, claiming that his half-sister, her mother and grandmother, have been taking money from the singers accounts without authorization.

The $2 million lawsuit against the trio of women, claims that Gia Scott-Heron, her mother Brenda Sykes and her mother Elvira Sykes, illegally withdrew over $250,000 from the singer’s Chase accounts, just weeks after his death in May of 2011.

Rackley claims that Gia Scott-Heron forged her father’s signature to obtain the cash, while Brenda Sykes and her mother took over $60,000 from Gil Scott’s personal checking account.

His son claims the women’s goal was to take Gil Scott’s assets and move them from New York, to California.

In addition to the missing $250,000, Rumal Rackley is seeking $2 million in damages for the illegal withdrawal.

Gil Scott-Heron, who was HIV positive, died on May 27, 2011 after he fell ill upon returning home from a trip to Europe.