Mimi Faust Asks A Judge To Keep Joseline Hernandez Away From Her Family


(AllHipHop News) A new court battle has broken out between Mimi Faust, Stevie J and their estranged girlfriend, Joseline Hernandez.

Mimi went to court on Tuesday (May 2), and asked a judge to grant a restraining order against Joseline.

Mimi alleges that Joseline’s aggressive behavior has been escalating, and includes threats over social media, allegations that Stevie J is a child molester, not to mention their many physical encounters on the show.

Mimi also made another disturbing allegation against Joseline, claiming she allows the open use of illegal drugs around her baby.

“People think this is a f##king joke. This is for real. This is my real life. I don’t give a f##k about the show or what was said on it,” Mimi fumed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution while blasting Stevie J.

“If he’s not going to protect my daughter, I will,” Mimi snapped. “If the shoe were on his foot, he’d do exactly what I’m doing. I don’t understand why he thinks this is okay. This is not okay with me in any respect.”