Mistah F.A.B Hosts Turkey Drive To Make Amends With Oakland


AllHipHop News) Rappers don’t always get credit for giving back to the community, but that hasn’t stopped Oakland rapper Mistah F.A.B from giving back to the community this holiday season.

While many Americans will be inside their homes eating Turkey, stuffing and an assortment of pies, Mistah F.A.B will be giving away 300 turkeys and meals to struggling families in the Bay Area.

“They’re going to be like, ‘Yo, you just delivered a turkey!'” F.A.B told San Francisco Weekly. “Imagine being poor and growing up in the ghetto, and you answer the door and someone handing you a turkey!”

Mistah F.A.B’s fourth annual turkey drive started yesterday (November 22), when the rapper began handing out free Thanksgiving meals at the corner of 45th and Market streets, in North Oakland.

The charity event this Thanksgiving is one of several events that F.A.B holds throughout the year to give back to the community.

During Christmas, F.A.B has a toy drive, and when the back-to-school season starts he does a backpack drive.

While F.A.B donated $3,000 to the cause for this Thanksgiving, he has also doubled the donation with contribution from others via Paypal.

F.A.B, who lost his mother to a battle with cancer this year and his brother to prison under the three strikes law, is passionate about making a difference in the community.

“This is the same spot I once distributed drugs,” F.A.B said. “I stood on that corner, I watched people die on that corner, I watched people mess up their lives on that corner, and now, this is the reconstruction of my community. I have to play a part in that because I played a part in the deconstruction of my community.”

In related news, Mistah F.A.B will release his new album I Found My Backpack 2 – The Lost Notebook on December 6th, 2011.