Mr. Porter Tells Untold Stories About Proof & Eminem (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Knowing the dynamics of D12, it’s not hard to believe there were some crazy moments that took place during the rap group’s time together. Mr. Porter spoke with ThisIs50, and he shared a couple of previously unknown stories about fellow Dirty Dozen members Proof and Eminem.

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On Proof:

Untold Proof story? If TMZ had been around this would be out. He was so f*cked up one time, he came out on stage with just a shirt on, no pants. Then he sprayed painted a green “p” – I don’t know where he got green spray paint from – and I remember him, whatever color, he spray painted “p” on his chest.

By the end of the day, he was running down the hallway at the hotel. You know the fire extinguisher? He let one of them b*tches off in the hallway of the hotel. That was one of the craziest things I’ve seen. It was just a wild night.

On Eminem:

I’ll tell you this. Me and him have a serious ongoing battle about a Mercury Tracer… A f*cking car. A piece of sh*t too.

There was this dude named Drunk Bob that stayed at our house. Remember Cheddar Bob [from the 8 Mile movie]?…

[Eminem] thinks I took the car, crashed it somewhere, and then brought it back. This has been an ongoing fight. When I tell you we’ll go on about this for hours, because I’m never going to admit something I didn’t do.

I think Drunk Bob’s ass woke up. He was always drunk, and he always had to go to work. Em used to park his car in the driveway, and Bob bumped the front of his sh*t… I think that’s what happened, because I didn’t take the car…

Where was I going? I was broke. I wasn’t going to the store.

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Watch Mr. Porter’s interview below.