N.O.R.E. Talks Prodigy Mural Being Defaced & Black Hip Hop Media Being Upset With Kendrick Lamar (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) Whenever N.O.R.E. sits down for an interview, the audience knows they are about to get some great content.

The emcee-turned-podcaster stopped by The Breakfast Club once again, and the nearly 50-minute discussion covered a bunch of topics.

At one point, N.O.R.E talked about getting a chance to speak with his formal rival Prodigy the day before he passed away in Las Vegas.

The “Superthug” rapper was also asked about the reasoning behind the Mobb Deep member’s commemoration mural repeatedly being defaced.

“It came from a big homie that’s in jail that don’t have nothing,” N.O.R.E. explained. “Prodigy’s book hurt a lot of people – dead, in jail, alive. The guy that’s up north, he’s a respectable guy. He sent the word, and it’s official.”

Later in the interview, the conversation turned to DAMN creator Kendrick Lamar and his relationship with certain media outlets.

“The first time I ever felt part of the media is when Kendrick Lamar’s album came out. It was a secret email going around: ‘Kendrick’s sh-t is the sh-t. Let’s promote Kendrick.’ And then his first interview he did was with [Beats 1’s] Zane Lowe,” said the Drink Champs host. “We get it, but what we got to think is we got to start supporting us. That first interview should have been with somebody black-related, Hip Hop-related.”

N.O.R.E. acknowledged Lowe’s race should not prevent him from doing an interview with Lamar, but he added, “Everybody in black media was a little turned off because Zane Lowe – that’s not the person you think of. You think of Breakfast Club, Power 105, Hot 97, Big Boy, Sway, Drink Champs. Then for it to go to Zane Lowe, I seen the anger.”