Nas Admits His Brother Gave Him Lines For "One Mic" (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) The speculation surrounding whether Nas has ever needed helped writing lyrics has been swirling through Hip Hop circles for years. Journalist Dream Hampton’s assertion that the Queens legend used fellow emcees Jay Electronica and to pen parts of his Untitled album was hit with backlash from the culture. Nas even addressed those rumors on his latest single “The Season.”

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On the track Nas also spit “Jungle the only brother I take s**t from.” He went into further detail on how his younger brother helped him write one of the biggest records of his career at a recent concert. During his show at the Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, Texas, Nas told the crowd that Jungle offered an assist on his classic Stillmatic track “One Mic.”

Nas said:

Year after Year. Another album after another album. Record company bulls**t. Life. So I couldn’t write. I listened to what he said, and he gave me the first four lines and then I took it from there. My brother said this – he’s not a rapper, “All I need is one mic…”

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Watch Nas’s FFF speech and the video for “One Mic” below.