Nas Sets Release Date For New Album “King’s Disease II”

Nas Kings Disease II

Fans are rejoicing…Nas has just announced he is releasing the second installment to his Grammy-Award-winning album “King’s Disease.”

Nas is like … coming out with another album, one year after his 2020 GRAMMY-Award winning King’s Disease.

The announcement seemed to shock the culture as the Queensbridge artist notoriously takes forever to drop follow up studio projects. But the sequel, King’s Disease II, may be exactly what Hip-Hop needs to counter some of the negativity in the air.

According to Mass Appeal Records’ Instagram, the new project will drop on August 6.

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The art is also epic as it is a simple portrait style of the 47-year-old rapper.

The orange and yellow overtones accentuate his natural skin, slightly longer and twisted hair, white tee and gold link chain. The color choice is deliberate as Nas is known to masterfully construct every piece of work to articulate his vision.

This time using this palette is to suggest, according to, golden orange often stands for prestige, wisdom, illumination, wealth, and quality … you know “king s###!”

Fans don’t seem to mind that the music is coming this summer, either.

“RUN IT BACK – King’s Disease II”


Some are excited and some are floating conspiracy theories about the release, suggesting that Jay-Z might be up to something sinister, keeping up the “coincidence” that always seems to have a Hov related project dropping on the same day as Nasty Nas.

“Could it be that Kanye moved the Donda release date to August 6th because Jay-Z knew that Nas was releasing King’s Disease II on August 6th so that Jay could have some content out the same time as Nas? Imagine. Jay petty enough to do it too.”

“You kids got it too easy these days Donda – Kanye King’s Disease II – Nas Drop on the same day and you don’t have to worry about choosing because only having money for one and your mom not paying for 2 of those damn CD’s”

Cole Jackson 12 got it right! We don’t have to choose.

Two dope projects can be easily streamed making it no contest and Hip-Hop wins … again!