Nas Reveals “Mentally and Physically Hard” Battle With COVID-19

Nas revealed that he had gone through a private battle with COVID-19 in a cover story for “Ebony” magazine.

In Ebony magazine’s October issue, the “King’s Disease II” rapper details his struggle with the virus among other issues.  

Explaining how he coped as an artist during the past 18 months of the pandemic he talked about working with super producer Hit-Boy and creating some of his most celebrated work. However, he talks about the tribulations he went through at the time.  

“I caught COVID in late October,” he reveals. “This is the first time [I’m] mentioning it. It was a tough time. It was mentally and physically hard. It’s just today’s world, with chemical warfare, crazy politics, racism, food shortages, police malpractice, Black-on-Black murder. The human spirit is being tested. I think that God has a plan for all of this. But right now, we’re in a serious time.” 

Nas also spoke about his entrepreneurship, he founded venture capital firm Queensbridge Venture Partners with his manager, Anthony Saleh back in 2014. He has a significant number of other business ventures, most recently becoming a co-owner and equity partner of Escobar Cigars. 

“I got people that stop me in the street to ask me about investment tips more than music,” Nas reflects. “It’s really crazy, man. I met another Black man named Nasir; he’s doing his thing. He told me how I’m inspirational to him in that world of investors and fundraising. That’s what I get a lot now. That’s really rewarding. It used to be only, ‘I’m inspired by you to rap,’ which I still hear, and I still love it. But it’s about letting people know, ‘This is what I’m doing. You do it, too.’ ” 

Speaking on his longevity in the industry he says, “You can overthink yourself out of the industry. You can become your worst enemy. The rules are keep your integrity, hustle, and work on your craft. That’s all that matters.” 

Nas recently celebrated his 48th Birthday and dropped the visuals for “Brunch on Sundays.”

Rapper Drake also revealed recently that he contracted COVID-19 and like Nas, kept it private until sometime later.