Nas Willing To Help Kidnapped Concert Promoter In Angola


(AllHipHop News) Queens, New York, rapper Nas is making an effort to save a conert promoter who was abducted after the rhymesayer was a no-show at a recent concert in Angola.

Although sources close to Nas say the rapper is refusing to take the blame entirely for not performing at the show, reports the rap star is “extremely concerned” about the safety of Patrick Allocco, the event’s promoter – so much so that he is willing to cut a big check to ensure the AllGood Entertainment worker’s stateside return.

“The key is getting Patrick Allocco home safely,” one source told the web site.

previous report on the story from stated that Alloco’s abduction came when a local “concert impresario,” Henrique “Riquhino” Miguel, was upset that Nas and Jemiah Jai were not present at the New Year’s Eve show. As a result, Miguel hired local thugs to kidnap Allocco and his son at gunpoint and demanded that the promoter give the $315,000 advance back to him, or else. Despite the U.S. Embassy helping to obtain his freedom, Allocco is currently staying in a local hotel in Angola, where he is attempting to resolve the situation with Miguel.

The sources further stated that while Nas and his team did initially agree to perform at the show, the appearance was called off in light of a “miscommunication” about travel plans.

Despite Nas’ intention of never keeping the money, the rapper’s team is unclear about where to send the check. Speaking with a source, TMZ added that Nas’ team is “currently working on a solution … and intends to help resolve the matter ASAP.”