NBA Legend John Salley Says Kanye West Is “Brilliant” and “Crazy” For Meeting With Donald Trump


(AllHipHop News) Four-time NBA Champion John Salley recently weighed in on Kanye West’s controversial 15-minute meeting with Donald Trump.

Salley added his opinion into the mix and went as far as to call Kanye a “genius” for setting up a meeting with Donald Trump, which came just days after the rapper was released from an eight-day stint in the UCLA Medical Center for “temporary psychosis.”

“He’s letting you know he can get to the president when he wants to and have a conversation,” John Salley said. “That was a very important statement when the president elect said, ‘We were up there talking. We’ve been friends for a long time.’”

John Salley said Kanye’s critics are misguided now that the 39-year-old rapper has the ear of the President. He also dismissed Kanye’s stint in the hospital and said the rapper linking with Trump makes total sense.

“Kanye was in UCLA, people were saying he was crazy. Trump said he was running for president and was going to be president of the United States,” John Salley continued. “People said he was crazy. I guess both these people are crazy. I guess people need to start being crazy…

“I’m always going to champion Kanye because he went from being a kid in Chicago almost being able to any day being killed, to almost dying here in West Hollywood, to becoming one of the biggest names in the world,” John Salley said.

Meanwhile, Kanye continues to boast about his meeting with Donald Trump.

The rapper returned to Twitter last night (December 13) to offer up an explanation for his meeting with Donald Trump, Tweeting that they discussed bullying, supporting teachers, and bringing down the level of violence in Chicago.

This morning (December 14), Kanye returned to Twitter and posted an autographed Time magazine with Donald Trump on the cover.

Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in as The United States’ 45th president on January 20 at 12:00PM.