NBA Youngboy Accuses J. Prince Of Clout Chasing Over Stolen Car Keys

NBA Youngboy had some unkind words for rap legend J. Prince, who was trying to help get some stolen items back to the rapper.

(AllHipHop News) Is NBA Youngboy a disrespectful young ingrate?

That’s a question many fans are grappling with after he threw shade at Houston rap legend J. Prince over the weekend.

NBA Youngboy was annoyed with the Rap-A-Lot founder, for stepping into a thief on his behalf.

Earlier in this week, a group of kids broke into NBA Youngboy’s house and posted videos of themselves rummaging through his garage on social media.

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The young thieves ended up with a chain, as well as the key fobs to NBA Youngboy’s Rolls-Royce and McLaren. They demanded $30,000 in ransom money to get them back.

NBA Youngboy’s scoffed at that the notion and claimed the thieves only managed to take his Gucci flip-flops.

J. Prince, who is a respected elder statesman and Hip-Hop is known for helping rappers get their stolen belongings back.

Just last year he managed to retrieve a chain which was stolen from the neck of YBN Jay when he was slashed during an altercation in New York with some gang members.

According to J. Prince, people associated the guys who robbed NBA Youngboy contacted him to end a growing feud with NBA Youngboy, who already has a credible reputation for not backing down from anyone.

“The lil homies that went into this place wanna make that right because they understand that, you know what I mean YoungBoy family is okay with me. To make a long story short, I got your keys to your Rolls Royce. I got your keys to your McLaren. You know, all the s— that they took,” J. Prince wrote on social media.

However, instead of seeing the gesture from J. Prince as an act of kindness, Youngboy took the opposite route.

“I’m good on them keys, gangsta. When you buy that s##t cash two keys come with the car anyways. Mind your f##king business mane,” NBA Youngboy snapped.

He proceeded to blast J. Prince for clout chasing by posting the video to the internet first, as opposed to getting in touch with him to settle the matter privately.