NBA YoungBoy Reveals Rehab Stint & New Vices As He Awaits Trial

NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again

NBA YoungBoy remains on house arrest ahead of his federal gun trial, which is scheduled to begin in July 2024.

NBA YoungBoy believed there were misconceptions about his drug use. The Motown Records artist said he spent time in rehab and mentioned his current alternatives to drugs in an interview with Bootleg Kev published on Thursday (December 28).

“I went to rehab for a weekend recently,” NBA Youngboy told Kev. “I still get an image that I do a lot of drugs. So, I kind of get that thrown in my face like, ‘Oh, this taking over his mind,’ or something at the same time … And now I’m kind of taking on just therapy from now on.”

He added, “I’ve been doing a lot of rich sipping and smoking these nasty ass cigarettes … They’ve been tearing my ass up though, man. I wanna stop smoking them so bad.”

The rare interview with YoungBoy was conducted in Utah where he remains on house arrest. A Louisiana judge partially granted his request for fewer restrictions on house arrest, allowing him to seek medical help for his mental health. But the judge rejected the rapper’s bid for more freedom to travel to recording studios.

“The conditions imposed on [YoungBoy’s] pretrial release are designed to reasonably assure the safety of both [YoungBoy] and others,” the judge wrote in her ruling. “[YoungBoy] states he ‘does not want to burden this Honorable Court with each employment-related request,’ but given the vague bounds of the request, and in light of the history of violence aimed at [YoungBoy] and those around him, the Court is more troubled by the threat that the proposed modification imposes on [YoungBoy’s] safety. [YoungBoy] can continue to seek Court-approval of such activities until the trial of this matter begins on the date recently chosen by the parties.”

YoungBoy awaits trial in a federal gun case. It is scheduled to start in July 2024.