NBA YoungBoy Sends Subliminal After Seeing Lil Baby After Seeing He And Ja Morant Bond Over His Lyrics

NBA YoungBoy Never Broke Again

The Louisiana rapper has had a feud with Lil Baby for some time and he seems to want Morant to choose a side.

Rapper NBA YoungBoy is trying to rain on Lil Baby and Ja Morant’s parade, taking issue with his lyrics being recited after a basketball game by the Atlanta rap star.

After the Grizzlies beat the Hawks in Atlanta on Sunday, March 26, Morant and Lil Baby linked up on courtside to show some brotherly love.

Morant, who had been out for several games after flexing with a firearm on social media, had an iconic night with his squad, leading them with a team-high of 27 points in the 123-119 victory. And his boy chose to celebrate for a quick minute with him.

Once the two connected, Morant gifted the “Rockstar” rapper with his blue jersey. The baller took the garment right off his back and signed it, “Love Brudda!!”

As Morant is signing the jersey, Lil Baby raps, “Parade inside my city, yeah!”

While the saying has become a slogan for Morant, it is also a jump-off lyric for NBA YoungBoy’s song, “Fresh Prince of Utah.”

Now, the Louisiana rapper has taken issue with the use of his saying being said… especially by Lil Baby.

He tweeted, “That b#### ass n#### got to run into me too better remember he chose a side this s### get gangsta boy.”

People immediately knew he was aiming at Lil Baby after the moment of brotherhood went viral. Particularly since he has been shooting at the rapper since 2022.

NBA YoungBoy is not the only person who doesn’t like his lyric being spit just by anyone. It seems Skip Bayless got a problem with the lyric too… especially as it is connected to the young athlete.

He said on “UNDISPUTED,” “If I just take quoting a rap lyric in a vacuum, it’s like so not a big deal that it’s laughable that we’re even discussing it.”

Adding, “But we can’t, when it comes to Ja, take it completely out of the context of what he just went through. So, I’ll just say this: it was not a good sign that he quoted that rap lyric.

“Ja jumps right in the middle of it because he can’t restrain himself. And he quotes a rap lyric, ‘It’s a parade inside my city, yeah!’ And it’s just straight jubilation … The problem is that line comes from a song that’s just rife with gun violence, well a lot of rap lyrics have [gun violence].”

Is Bayless right, considering how NBA YoungBoy is responding, or is he just making a mountain out of something that’s not that deep?