NBA Youngboy’s Associate NBA Lil Pap Indicted For Killing Rival Rapper

A close associate of NBA Youngboy has been indicted for the murder of a rival rapper. 

Yesterday (January 8th), prosecutors charged NBA Lil Pap with one count of second-degree murder over the 2017 shooting of a rival rapper named Gee Money. 

Gee Money, born Garrett Burton, was shot and killed outside of a recording studio in Baton Rouge in 2017. 

According to documents obtained by The Advocate, investigators say a feud over a rap song ignited the feud when Gee Money released a song dissing NBA Youngboy’s sister. 

In August of 2017, the pair started disrespecting each other during interviews and on their social media accounts. In September of that year, Gee Money was shot dead in the parking lot of his recordings studio.

“In the days prior to Burton’s death, both Burton and Gaulden made several social media posts about one another, which further exacerbated tensions between the two rival rap music groups. When Burton was killed, members of the NBA group were immediately developed as suspects due to … the ongoing rap music feud,” detectives said. 

NBA Lil Pap, born Deandre Fields, told police he was a shooter for the Never Broke Again gang. While NBA Youngboy is not a suspect in the slaying, local detectives say a violent feud is taking place between members of the Never Broke Again gang and the Top Boy Gorilla (TBG) gang. 

In May of 2018, Desmond “Dump” Hardnett, NBA Youngboy’s agent was shot and killed. In November of 2018, a TBG rapper known as BLVD Quick was killed. 

In May of 2019, gunmen targeted NBA Youngboy in Miami during a shootout, which killed a 43-year-old bystander. 

In April of 2019, Lit Yoshi was charged with seven counts of attempted murder, for trying to kill Fields, and for another shooting in July, which left three adults and two children wounded. 

Lit Yoshi is currently free on a $1.82 million bond for the shootings.

NBA Lil Pap is facing a mandatory life sentence if he is convicted of killing Gee Money.