New Animated Series Shows T.I. Saving The Life Of Creed’s Scott Stapp


(AllHipHop News) A new animated series is heading to the Internet, which will dive into music related stories from the annals of the music business.

Producer T-Bone Burnett has linked with Spotify to produce “Drawn and Recorded,” premiered on

In the first segment, T-Bone Burnett recounts the time Hip-Hop star T.I. saved the life of Creed singer Scott Stapp.

Scott Stapp had attempted to commit suicide in 2012 and tumbled over a 40-foot ledge, seriously injuring himself in the process.

T.I. happened to be in the area when he witnessed the suicide attempt, and sprang into action and helped get Stapp to a hospital, and in the process, received credit for saving the troubled singer’s life.

“T.I. had been many things to many people – to Scott, he was a messenger sent to save him,” T-Bone Burnett told Rolling Stone. “T.I. got Scott to safety; Scott thanked God for sending him an unlikely angel.” This was the second time T.I. had a run-in with suicide, Burnett narrated

The first episode of “Drawn and Recorded” debuted last night.

Take a look: