New LA Metro Station Named After Nipsey Hussle

Nipsey Hussle

Rap star Nipsey Hussle is being honored by Los Angeles with a new Metro station named after him. Read more about the new train stop!

The Los Angeles Metro Rail has officially opened a new Hyde Park K Line metro station named after slain rapper and Crenshaw native Nipsey Hussle.

According to CBS Los Angeles, the stop is located in Nipsey Hussle Square and is one of eight stops dotted along the route of what is said to be some of the oldest communities in Los Angeles and Inglewood.

Los Angeles Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson said, “From Slauson and all the way to Vernon, you will see world-class pieces of art, celebrating the history and the legacy of African American people.”

“Everybody who comes to L.A. and rides the train out of the airport is gonna see it. Is that alright?” he said.

This news comes a week after the Los Angeles Times reported about the activities in the alleyway near where Nipsey was murdered in 2019 outside of his Marathon Clothing store.

The actual space is west of Crenshaw Boulevard between West Slauson Avenue and West 58th Place.

Councilman Harris-Dawson wrote in August 2020 that the area has “become a hotspot for criminal activity” and worked to shut it down to “mitigate criminal activity and/or illegal dumping.”

“The city should take action to ensure that this site remains a safe place for residents and visitors alike,” the politician continued. “There is a need to e#### concrete barriers at the entrance of the alley on West Slauson Avenue and at the alley’s midpoint northerly of West 58th Place to close the alley, but preserve access to the residential and commercial properties adjacent to the alley.”

As reported, Eric Ronald Holder, the man who murdered the rapper, was convicted on Wednesday, July 6, of first-degree murder and five other charges.

Holder gunned the community’s cultural and economic stake-holder down because the chart-topper called his former friend a “snitch.”