Nia Riley Claims Soulja Boy Put A Gun To Her Head When She Tried To Leave Him

Soulja Boy and Nia Riley

Teddy Riley’s daughter Nia is revealing more disturbing information about her troubled relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Soulja Boy.

Nia Riley, the daughter of famed producer Teddy Riley, sat with YouTube talk show host, Tasha K to talk about her troubled relationship with her ex-celebrity boyfriend, Soulja Boy.

In the special from the host’s wine cellars, Nia spoke about one incident of violence that involved a gun being pulled out on her.

“I wanted to leave…I was trying to leave,” Nia Riley shared. “I had pepper sprayed him one day, really bad. He tried to take a shower. It f##### him up really bad. He had charged at me. So I pepper sprayed him. I had it under my pillow.”

“His barber came after our whole little incident. So I said, ‘I know this n####’s haircuts take like an hour.’ I’m trying make sure he couldn’t see me from certain mirrors. And I packed my bag. It’s a crazy situation to try to get out of,” Nia continued.

“So I was just sitting there, watching. He hadn’t moved. He didn’t get up for nothing. I got up, got my bag. I walked down stairs. And I felt him press [the gun] against the back of my head… I just sat down. I sat on the steps for a couple of hours. He was sitting behind me.”

Tasha K interjected, “With the gun?”

“Yeah,” said the traumatized girl who has been dealing with the “Kiss Me Thru the Phone” rapper. Here is a timeline of their relationship as it played out on TV.

“And he had friends there that would sit there and watch him. Nobody ever said anything. It was just crazy. It was something that was private and just us, if we were home. But if his friends were there, he didn’t care,” she added.

Evidence of Soulja Boy’s violent temperament was seen on “Marriage Boot Camp Hip-Hop Edition.”

Soulja Boy, the former child star who first used social media to launch his career is no longer with Ms. Riley. He is currently working on new music, his own video game console, comic book, and beefing with the WWE.

There is one thing that he says that could be his response to the interview that dropped on March 3rd.

On March 4, he tweeted, “Since I been out of jail everybody got my name in they mouth u not getting a response get off my dick. It hurt to see me winning Don’t it? Stay mad.”